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                      1. About Us

                        Changzhou Longs Motor Co., Ltd was established in year 2000, as a professional motor manufacturer in Changzhou city, China. Production capacity exceeds more than 0.6 million motors per year. Our Company offers three major series of products: Hybrid stepper motors, DC brushless motors and the motor driver. 

                        The Longs product line is sold to major manufacturing Companies for Industry of automation, medical and health care equipment, printer machines, packing devices, Information Technology, household appliance products, and pumping equipment.  

                        We have an Engineering team with many years of experience in application Engineering, design Engineering with the latest advances equipment.Our Engineering Staff provides the finest quality product with service after the product is delivered to our Customers.3d太湖钓叟一语定三码Changzhou Longs Motor Co., Ltd obtained its ISO9001:2000 certification and most of our products are CE approved.



                        Our Company adheres to principles of “providing green products” and all of our products are RoHS compliant.  As a global supplier, Changzhou Longs Motor Co., Ltd scrupulously follows the guideline of International Commercial Rules and Practices.  We have achieved our reputation of cooperation with our Customers over the years.  Our Goal is to “Win the market with quality and service” which is the common voice of every Changzhou Longs Motor team member.

                        Working together, growing together!



                        WhatsApp Online Chat !

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